Single Roles in an Agile Team

Developer, Program Manager, O&M Engineer, Tester, Business Analyst; these are some of the common roles/titles assigned to people working in Agile teams. Roles help define the responsibilities and contributions that are expected of each person. Roles give structure to a team and create a hierarchy of decision making. Roles, however, have the potential to lead […]

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Maintaining High Performing SAP Environments

Regardless of where your SAP project is in its lifecycle, or what new ¬†functionality you are deploying, performance issues will bring a project to its knees and create issues that¬†extend well beyond end user inconvenience. Ongoing performance or stability issues for any SAP system (ECC, BI, PI, etc.) can bring significant risk to the overall […]

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Adopting a Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

For the past couple of years, BridgePhase has been involved in multiple projects in which cloud computing technology is leveraged. In this series of blogs, we will provide insight gained from real world experiences for various types of “cloud” projects, including implementations of the following common cloud delivery mechanism: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform […]

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Can ERP Projects be Agile?

Many mature ERP programs are at phases in their lifecycles where the project resources must strike a balance of supporting O&M work while continuing to deliver value to the business in order to keep their ERP programs relevant.

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Joint Venture recognized as DHS outstanding small business

Our joint venture, DV United, LLC, has been recognized for outstanding service in support of the Department of Homeland Security. BridgePhase is proud to have been appointed the lead contractor for DV United responsible for executing a major software development project within DHS on the CIO SP3 contract vehicle.

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