Our software development experience includes building multi-disciplinary solutions based on Java based applications and ancillary open-source software packages. We also build microservices by extracting functionality from an existing code base, and creating independent applications with their own code repository, database and dedicated pipeline, deploying them to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with zero down time to Production.  We value an agile methodology with an emphasis on automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Our team has a solid understanding of Object Oriented programming and familiarity with source control systems such as Git. Examples of tools and platforms our team is currently utilizing include Java, Spring MVC, NODE, AngularJS, PureCSS, LESS, C3, Gradle, TravisCI, Jenkins, Mongo DB, and .NET Development. While the tools and technology stack will change over time, we continually demonstrate passion for software development and a commitment to constantly responding an emerging technology stack.

Whether your organization is considering a transition from COTS to open source software development platform, or you are looking for a fresh perspective on how to deliver smaller chunks of software on an iterative basis, contact us to learn how our development experience and approaches may be relevant to your organizations requirements.

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