Agile provides the framework for customers and system integrators to work closely together, with the emphasis on continual, iterative delivery of functional software. The common success factor we have seen in high performing Agile projects is the adoption of the Agile Culture, in which communication and collaboration are the most valued principles. Resources working on the Agile teams must be high performing, self-motivating individuals with complementary skillsets and a track record of working well in an open, team based environment.

We provide support for organizations transitioning into Agile. This includes helping the organizations choose the right Agile framework based on their specific needs, tailoring that framework accordingly, and helping the development team (and broader organization) adapt to utilizing Agile. Our team includes Agile experts with certifications to back our experience, such as certified Scrum Masters and Program Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP).

We also provide a short term, fixed price, service offering where a certified Agile practitioner provides organizations interested in transitioning to Agile with a detailed roadmap outlining a path to implementing an Agile framework for upcoming projects. Our roadmap includes a specific methodology recommendation based on your business requirements, recommendation of tools needed, training recommendations for staff, and a suite of accelerators built by BridgePhase based on “best practices” and lessons learned.

Whether your organization is considering adopting Agile or you already use Agile and need help with the implementation and adaptation of Agile within your organization, BridgePhase can provide a fresh perspective, new insights, and valuable implementation experience that will help ensure your implementation of Agile processes is a success. Contact us today to learn more.

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