Software Development

Our software development capabilities include utilizing the right technology stack to deliver innovative solutions using an Agile delivery methodology. While the tools and technology stack will change over time, our team continually demonstrates passion for software development and a commitment to deliver the best solutions to problems. We are experienced in building enterprise applications using open-source software packages, and have developed various REST APIs served by a Java backend using Spring MVC. We create user interfaces using tools such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, LESS, and we integrate build tools including Gradle and Grunt. We also have experience using Continuous Integration platforms including Jenkins, TravisCI, and CodePipeline.

We have also recently implemented horizontally-scalable microservices, deployed in a zero-downtime manner. We support containerization of services and have experience using public and private Docker registries including DockerHub and Amazon’s EC2 Container Registry (ECR), and we have also helped organizations migrate existing monolithic applications into a microservices architecture. We also have experience with designing and managing database schemas and providing version control to mitigate migration risks. We have experience working with relational databases including Oracle and Postgres, and have also designed and managed document databases such as MongoDB.

Technical Expertise

  • Java
  • Spring MVC
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • MongoDB

Main Office

2800 Shirlington Rd
Suite 704
Arlington, VA 22206

(703) 566-8306

Northeast Office

330 Changebridge Road
Suite 101
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

(973) 291-2635