DevOps & Agile

We have outstanding past performance and corporate capabilities providing digital capabilities to Government and Commercial organizations using an Agile delivery methodology. We are experts with open source software development and DevOps, and frequently work with cloud technology providers such as Amazon Web Services.

Our team provides the technical framework which enables organizations to leverage DevOps tools and practices which ultimately improves the quality of software and shortens the delivery lifecycle. We build automated tools which enable developers to leverage continuous integration and automated testing, which provides efficiencies to developers through a common build environment where issues are detected early and the build is tested through automated tests which maximize code coverage. We have experience building automated tests using tools such as Selenium grid, groovy, Karma, Jasmine, and more.

Once CI and automated testing is in place, the customer can truly leverage the technical framework we build to support continuous delivery and continuous deployment, which ultimately improves the quality of software and shortens the delivery lifecycle. Leveraging automation as much as possible, we also have experience implementing and maintaining highly available cloud infrastructure components which leverage cloud provider capabilities to scale on demand. To support AWS Cloud infrastructure automation, we have hands on experience using tools such as Gradle, Chef, Nexus, Knife, Docker, as well as monitoring tools such as Splunk, New Relic and Cloudwatch.

The common success factor we have seen in high performing Agile projects is the adoption of the Agile Culture, in which communication and collaboration are the most valued principles. Resources working on the Agile teams must be high performing, self-motivating individuals with complementary skillsets and a track record of working well in an open, team based environment. We provide support for organizations transitioning into Agile. This includes helping the organizations choose the right Agile framework based on their specific needs, tailoring that framework accordingly, and helping the development team (and broader organization) adapt to utilizing Agile. Our team includes Agile experts with certifications to back our experience, such as certified Scrum Masters and Program Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP).

Technical Expertise

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Gradle
  • Chef
  • Nexus
  • Docker
  • Splunk
  • New Relic
  • Cloudwatch

Main Office

2800 Shirlington Rd
Suite 704
Arlington, VA 22206

(703) 566-8306

Northeast Office

330 Changebridge Road
Suite 101
Pine Brook, NJ 07058

(973) 291-2635