We are excited that you have taken time to stop by and learn about our company’s capabilities, customers, contract vehicles, insights, career opportunities and most importantly, the valuable people of BridgePhase. As an introduction, BridgePhase is a small business specializing in providing Information Technology Consulting Services. Our core capabilities include providing end-to-end support for large scale business software implementations (e.g., SAP and Oracle), Software Development & DevOps, Systems Integration, and Agile Delivery Services. Since our company was founded, we have supported over 20 organizations and experienced continual growth year over year. We have also been entrusted by some of the largest systems integrators in the industry to support their important customers as well.


At BridgePhase, we foster a culture that encourages fresh thinking and finding ways to do business better. Our mission is to continually help our clients improve their performance and maximize the value extracted from their enterprise IT investments through the usage of innovative approaches to solving problems by a team of consultants who are relentlessly committed to delivery, accountability, and integrity. To ensure we continue to provide our customers with the highest qualified consultants, we apply a structured selection methodology to find the highest qualified personnel to meet our customer’s needs. We strive to achieve the highest level of performance from our consultants through continuous mentoring, training, and on-the-job feedback, with the ultimate goal being to maximize the value of the services we provide to every customer. We also place a high emphasis on continual professional development for our employees, which ensures we remain current on the latest technologies, industry trends, and certifications.

Whether you are visiting this site in search of a new career opportunity, a future customer exploring our capabilities, or a potential teaming partner looking to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us so we can further introduce you to BridgePhase.

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